About Motorcycle Night®

Motorcycle Night® was established in 1997 by Steve Munroe and Heather Armstrong.  It all began as a simple idea of creating a way for area bike enthusiasts to gather on a regular basis. We created a destination for people to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow bikers who have similar interests and passion for the sport of motorcycling.  Us being bikers ourselves, we were excited to be able to share our enthusiasm and develop new, long lasting friendships with so many people.

Over the years Motorcycle Night® has grown into New England’s #1 Weekly Biker Destination.  One of our motto’s has always been “All Bikes Welcome” and we have held true to that right along.  There is an unsaid understanding among bikers that we all have respect for one another regardless of the type of motorcycle you ride.  We take pride in the fact that all of our attendees have always respected that aspect of our events.

We are extremely appreciative of all the support and loyalty we receive from all those who help out and attend our events.  The ongoing support and dedication from our numerous sponsors, vendors and advertisers helps us to keep Motorcyclenight going strong year after year.

We could not make Motorcycle Night® what it is today if it was not for the amazing volunteer staff that we have helping us out throughout the season. Their commitment, dedication and hard work contributes tremendously into keeping our events organized and operating smoothly.  And of course it is all of you that attend our events that truly make them as successful as they are!

Thank you for your continued support! Ride safe everyone!